Open letter to committee head

originally posted on LabSpaces

Dear committee head,

I know I’ve already mentioned this, like, 10 gazillion times, but, in case you didn’t catch it, I won’t be at next week’s meeting because I’M ON MATERNITY LEAVE!! I made it abundantly clear these past few months that I would not be doing any committee work from November to March – so I could focus on lab work the last month of my pregnancy, and make sure my head is on straight after coming back to work before adding on extra duties. We had this discussion at our first meeting this summer, and again at every subsequent meeting (since you couldn’t remember then either). I again reiterated my plans when I took time off because of high blood pressure in October. To make sure this wouldn’t be a problem, I passed on all the information, email correspondence, survey information, etc from my last event well before my due date, again impressing my coming absence. Maybe the fact that my belly was growing larger and my gait was turning to more of a waddle was lost on you. Or maybe I’m just that vital of a person to what you’re trying to accomplish that you’re hoping I’ll suddenly be able to drop my child off at day care 5 weeks early. Otherwise, you certainly wouldn’t be bugging me right now, wondering if I would be at next week’s meeting and requesting emails that I sent you a month ago. So here it is – unless you would like to move the meeting 30 minutes away from campus to my condo, watch me pump and breastfeed, listen to my sweet baby boy who is starting to exhibit signs of colic, and comfort me as I cry because I can’t fix my child, then LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!


Dr. O


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