Priority score confusion

originally posted on LabSpaces

So I finally have it – the much-anticipated score on my K grant – and I have no idea what to think. It’s not a great score, but certainly fundable some years at certain institutes. Unfortunately, last year’s payline for this specific grant mechanism at my particular institute was much lower, so I’m not holding my breath. The council meeting, where decisions are made, doesn’t take place for a few months…so I’m left with the wait-and-see plan for now.

My current predicament – I have several job applications due before the council meeting, a couple of which require some sort of funding for consideration. Should I include this score in the cover letters for these job applications? I don’t have a good feel for how impressive/pathetic this will look, but I don’t want to pass up including a potential “positive” in my applications. It’s a bitch to get noticed by search committees these days. I’m waiting to hear back from the boss man on his opinion, but I certainly would appreciate the thoughts of others out there as well…


What say you...

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