I feel a change in the air

It’s been a time of upheaval around the science blogosphere. I’d tried to summarize all the change in this little post, but I don’t think I could possibly do this service…I haven’t even gotten my blogroll in order yet. As some of my readers might now, I’m not a huge fan of change. But it’s the name of the game in science…either roll with the punches, or let yourself, lab, science, etc., become stagnant and passe.

So, as of today, I’m throwing another small wrench into the science blogosphere mix-up – I’ve officially made the move to LabSpaces! For all those who’ve been following me over here at Blogger, I’ll be keeping this blog up and running, at least for a while. I’m currently planning of a division of blog duties, with this blog continuing to cover topics of work-life balance, and my new blog at LabSpaces, Academic Aspirations, focusing on topics related to my tenure-track job search.

The past few months, with pregnancy and new family considerations entering the picture, have found me struggling to decide where this blog should be headed. I’m actually hoping this change will help me sort out some of the frustrations I’ve had with where my blogging focus should be. If the family, emotional, pregnancy jabber on this blog has left you wanting, check me out at my new home. If you’re happy with this aspect, but bored by the grant-writing blabber, you’ll probably be happy right here. Or maybe you’ll choose to follow both blogs.

No matter where your loyalties lie, head over to LabSpaces and check out the other bloggers at my new home. I’ve been checking out the space this past week since I received the invitation from Brian, and there are some great science bloggers over there to get to know!


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