Better than good data

I got good data yesterday…data that could really strengthen my K grant (I have until September to update the grant)…data that could really move my project forward…data that could help secure a faculty position…really GOOD data. The best part of my day, however, was not the data; not even close. The best part was my son’s reaction to the data. I’ve been feeling the little monkey squirm around in my belly for a while now, but there’s only been a couple of moments when I’ve experienced this kind of excitement from him. The first was a week and a half ago, in the church choir loft, when the organ let loose on a particularly exhilarating piece of music. Yesterday, he seemed to get just as excited a moment after I started looking at my latest piece of data, and his heightened activity didn’t let up for another 30 minutes.

I don’t really know for sure what specifically got my little man so excited – did my heart rate increase, or was it something else? Does this means the little monkey is going to be a scientist, or a musician, or both? Who knows – but I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful this whole thing is. Having my son so closely connected with me right now is beyond words, and I know it won’t be like this forever. There will be closeness, of course, and the bond we’re developing now will always be there. But there’s just something so wonderful about this time right now. To have my son experience my emotions, and I experience his, to have this kind of connection is, well, it’s a miracle. There’s just no other word for it.


2 thoughts on “Better than good data

  1. It doesn't go away–I still marvel when I feel my daughter's little body at how the whole thing is, essentially, built from ME. I made her in my belly and she at nothing but food from my body for pretty much the first 5 months of her life. She's finally getting more into her solids now at almost 7 months, and so I have to give up that little part of things slowly. But she still just feels like an extension of my body.

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