The "new black"

No time to post today – loaded up with church, condo showing prep, and baby registry stuff. But I just read this post by Arlenna over at Chemical BiLOLogy and was quite enraged. Go check it out…if you need a little fire under your feminist ass this morning.


One thought on “The "new black"

  1. I read it (and posted a comment), but really, I will say I don't mind women proclaiming how much they love being a SAHM nearly as I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE people like Dr. Laura telling working moms how they SHOULD be SAHMs and the need to suck it up and love doing it.

    Eff you Schlessinger.

    It is one thing if women find happiness by choosing their own path (and yes, if they kidding themselves by making it out to be more wonderful than it is so be it,) but it is another to have a fellow woman (and mother) telling them how to be happy.

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