Cut off – Part II, and other stuff

It’s a dreadfully early morning for Dr. O. I’ve been up since before 5 am, and didn’t go to bed until almost midnight last night. I’m not supposed to be up…I just woke up early. The sun started coming up, then Bun started squirming around, which was way too entertaining to sleep through. So, of course, the brain started spinning on all cylinders, and I ended up obsessing thinking about the grant, our condo (which goes on the market on Tuesday), an upcoming invited talk, and my baby.

First, part II of my first cut off post. The big experiment went relatively well…I think. Of course, I still have more troubleshooting to do. I didn’t get a gel picture that I could add to the grant. But I can send in an update a month before the study section meets in October, so I have another month and a half to get this thing up and going. For now, the grant is waiting to be submitted by our grants and contracts office, so I have the weekend to muse over other things going on before returning to the submission process on Monday…

Our condo goes on the market Tuesday. We had the real estate agent over this past week, and it looks like we might even be able to walk away with a bit of money in our pockets (we were happy breaking even). Of course, there’s a whole slew of chores that goes along with this process, so the weekend plans include moving furniture around, taking “clutter” items to our storage unit, all leading up to the carpet guy coming Monday morning. Not that there’s a lot of room in my head to dwell on this right now, but I can’t help but obsess over how this whole process might go. Again, fingers crossed!

Next up on the agenda: we find out if Bun is a boy or girl in 3 days (and 2 hours, not that I’m counting). Not any stress here, really. I’m just soooo anxious to have a name for this little guy/gal that’s dancing around in my belly. Because of all the movement I’m feeling, it’s starting to feel so real. So having to refer to my baby as “it” or “Bun” and stuttering through him/her and she/he is getting old! BTW, I’m 20 weeks pregnant today, halfway through this show, and Bun is the size of a small cantaloupe (6 1/2 inches from head to rump) according to The Bump, or the length of a banana (10 inches head to heel) according to BabyCenter.

And, finally, I’m heading in two weeks to a meeting, for which I was invited to give a talk. I haven’t even begun to think about the presentation (although I think I started putting together a Keynote presentation in May), and the session chair just emailed a request for a summary of my talk…yikes! Looks like it’s time to get back on this one.

So that’s what kept up Dr. O this morning. Nothing awful, but enough to keep an already worry-prone mind working overtime. I figure these early mornings are good practice for a few months from now when Bun shows up (maybe sooner if Bun continues to dance around at night as s/he grows). I just won’t have the luxury of enjoying my coffee and blogging when I’m awaken in the middle of the night for a feeding.


2 thoughts on “Cut off – Part II, and other stuff

  1. Sooo excited for you about knowing the gender! Are you going to tell or keep it a secret?

    Good luck with the condo and the talk. It is always the things we worry about the most that go well.

  2. Thanks LM! I'll be sharing the gender as soon as I've talked to family and texted friends. I'd be looking for an announcement on Tuesday afternoon 😉

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