Who are you?

So I thought it might be fun to join a thread that started making it’s way around the Sci blogosphere over the holiday weekend. But first, some opening music:

So here’s the game (evidently first started a couple of years ago by Ed Yong over at Not Exactly Rocket Science). It’s simple enough and takes only a moment of your time. Just tell me something about yourself, using the following questions as a guide if you’d like:

Are you a scientist or layperson?
If you are a scientist, what is your specialty/phase/field?
If you aren’t a scientist, what do you do?
Why are you hear (first timers and regular readers)?
Anything you’d like me to talk about or change on The Tightrope?

Also, check out DrugMonkey’s latest post on this meme if you’re interested in finding out who else is playing.

Late note added: With all the SciBlog PepsiCo kerfuffle of the past several days, I’m not sure how much attention anyone is paying to little ol’ me right now (click here for the Twitter feed if you’re in the dark). But that might make this game a bit more interesting…


5 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Oooohhhh do I get to be FIRST? Fourth year grad student in Developmental Psychology at USC. I do research in animal cognition, and I also do neuroimaging research of reading and dyslexia. Regular reader!

  2. I'm a postdoc who uses insects physiological/molecular adaptations to extreme environments. I'm a regular lurker, um, reader who found you via either Dr. Isis or some other blog. I started following your blog because women who are religious and scientists are kind of rare.

  3. Howdy! I've got a few of these to catch up on 🙂

    I am indeed a scientist at the level of early phase disgruntledoc 😉 I'm a biochemist (heavy on the chemistry) by training. I decided to make a foray into a more biological area, but now I'm trying to get back to my roots.

    I've been following your blog almost from its start-I think probably after you left a comment on mine. I haven't been commenting as much as I used to/like of late b/c stupid real-life stuff has been eating into my blogging time. Your posts are great, especially the ones on grants and trying to get set up for faculty applications and positions.

  4. X engineer by training, working in the general area of biomedicine, in my 3rd year of postdocing in a large lab. Married with one very cute kitten.

    Came here at some point in the last few months through your commenting elsewhere/blogger profile, and stayed because I like the writing and we are in generally similar in our situations (minus the baby part!).

  5. I'm going to be mostly vague. I'm defending my PhD this month in a field in the physical sciences. I am in Limbo otherwise. I've been reading your blog awhile, I don't recall how long or how I got here. I read “regularly” meaning I read this as often as I read all the blogs I read, but I'm a bit sporadic on blogging and reading blogs.

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