Cut off – Part I

It’s the stopping place that every academic scientist has to find, the point at which you cut yourself off at the bench and get back to submitting the grant. In my case, that day is today. Since receiving my summary statement a few months ago, I’ve been revising my K grant and am now oh-so-close to the resubmission date. I’ve added in some really nice data, which, IMHO, really strengthen the model and direction of the proposal. Several scientists at different levels and specialties in my field have reviewed the grant, providing very helpful suggestions and positive feedback. And every point brought up by the reviewers has been addressed, mostly by the addition of new data or altering proposed experiments. Most importantly, the shortened page limit has forced me to really sharpen up my writing, making for a tight proposal. So I’m feeling about as good as possible about this resubmission.

My one remaining concern is the perceived difficulty of the final two proposed experiments, so I’ve been working hard to get a pilot version of one of them working before the grant is sent off next week. All I want is a nice little gel picture to put in the methods as a proof of concept. I think it will sell the second half of the grant, and it could be what clinches the award. After three weeks of troubleshooting, I have one more shot to get this thing working. The gels are now running, and my fingers are crossed. Let’s see what happens…


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