The Third Reviewer…for microbiology maybe?

DrugMonkey has brought to light an exciting new opportunity, called the Third Reviewer, for wee little scientists to participate in online discussion of papers in the neuroscience field.  I won’t get into the details here – feel free to check out DrugMonkey’s post or the Third Reviewer site for more info.  My question is, when do we get this in the field of microbiology?

It appears the Third Reviewer is a “labor of love”, to quote DrugMonkey.  Someone who works on the Third Reviewer site has been making the blog-o-rounds, revealing that s/he is an academic paying $100 a year for the hosting.  Evidently, there are discussions to expand into other fields, although it isn’t yet clear to me if this will require additional funding or funding sources. 

Sooooo… I’m wondering if we can get some of the microbiologists who read this blog to chime in (even if you’ve never chimed before) to show some interest for this idea.  Any takers???  (Or am I sitting in an online ocean mostly full of non-micro bloggers?)


One thought on “The Third Reviewer…for microbiology maybe?

  1. Based on the number of page views, there's either little to no interest in this topic or too few microbiologists reading this blog. I'm assuming the latter and working to increase my micro readership.

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