Baby update

I had my doctor’s appointment this afternoon…and all’s well in baby-land!

***TMI update for those who dare: My uterus is stretching out for Bun just fine, and Bun is feeling very free to move around, kick, wave, do a jig, whatever…very entertaining to watch. And my cervix, another point of concern for my doctor, is looking “beautiful and perfect” according to the ultrasound technician.***

After a brief celebration at McDonald’s and ultrasound picture show-and-tell to a few labmates, I’m back to Earth and grant-writing. Good to know that all the parts are working the way they should. 😉

We find out the sex in another 6 weeks, right after my grant gets turned in. Anyone dare to make a prediction???


3 thoughts on “Baby update

  1. LM – I'll take congrats. After the doctors' previous warnings of 14-week miscarriage and pre-term labor, a “stretchy uterus” is definitely something to celebrate! 😉

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