Celebrate the small things

It’s been a rough few weeks. In between grant-writing, a student retreat, postdoc research day, major conference, bronchitis while at major conference, and getting scared shit-less by my OB, I’ve had a hard time keeping up with anything besides work and taking care of my own health. ***TMI explanation on the scared shitless: it seems that the latest OB I saw is very worried about the shape of my uterus, warning during my last visit of pre-term labor, breech presentation, and miscarriage risks as late as 14 weeks (going so far to knock on wood right there in the office). This was, of course, right after I started announcing the pregnancy to everyone I knew, so the evening was spent balling my eyes out and telling Hubby that I would no longer visit the OB alone during this pregnancy.*** SOOOO, it’s been a little stressful around here, and I couldn’t begin to process all the information for the blogging community until now.

But it’s June now (well, almost). I’m home, reliving the good part of last week’s meeting (before my health went south), consisting of a wonderful conversation with a potential faculty search committee member at another MRU. I’m also finally getting over my illness and able to enjoy my holiday before heading back to work, just in time to relish the return of my appetite!!! Best of all, I’m past the 14 week point and still pregnant, and obviously so – Bun has popped out there for all the world to see now! I have another OB appointment, which Hubby will also be attending, tomorrow afternoon. We’ll see an ultrasound of Bun…and maybe even find out if Bun is a boy or girl. It’s a big “maybe”, but I’m crossing my fingers.

So it’s now time to celebrate – perfect timing with this month’s June Scientiae, hosted by Rocket Scientista with the theme “CELEBRATION”. The real celebration will be tomorrow, when I have a new picture of Bun in hand (I’ll be sure to post an update after the appointment). But I’m so sick of holding my breath – I’m starting my celebration right now.

And how are we celebrating? Well, the day began with a yummy breakfast made by Hubby, as well as a bit of relaxing with Food Network on TV. We’re now about to embark on some of our traditional Memorial Day outings: visiting Hubby’s dad at the VA cemetery – and introducing Bun to his/her grandfather; finding ingredients for tonight’s dinner (on the grill, of course) at our favorite farmer’s market; stopping by to see Hubby’s brother and sister-in-law, and hopefully our nieces and nephews (all in high school and very difficult to tie down). Tonight we’ll settle in by the grill for a nice dinner and toast the day with some sparking apple cider. And we’ll likely finish the day cuddled on the couch with a movie. All around, I think we’ve got a pretty perfect celebration slated out!

I hope everyone else is finding a reason and way to celebrate today…life’s too short to not let loose every once in a while!


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