Meeting FAIL

First, apologies for being MIA for so long.  Between grant-writing, poster sessions, student retreats, and getting ready for the meeting I’m at right now, I’ve lost all track of time and space.  And, as a result, my blogging took quite a hit!

The latest news – I’m at a huge meeting this week, at which I was hoping to get in some good networking for my slow-moving job search.  Unfortunately, I started experiencing vocal issues just before leaving town this past weekend.  Insistent that it was just allergies, I kept up my busy schedule of work and shopping for maternity clothes.  By the night before I left, I was experiencing a pretty intense cough.  I checked with my OB and sent Hubby to the grocery store at 2 in the morning for Robitussin, then I was off to the airport the next morning. Still insistent that it was no big deal, I spent the first couple of days here struggling through talks, presenting my poster, and networking.  All seemed to be going well, I was making lots of good connections.  And then Tuesday morning came…

I couldn’t stop coughing this horrible dry hacking cough, my chest and throat became as sore as I think I’ve ever felt them, and I felt like total, complete, utter shit.  So, at this meeting, for which I’ve had such high hopes, I’ve spent the last 36 hours in bed.  My OB and primary doctor have almost convinced me that the medicine I’m taking isn’t hurting my baby, so I’ve been living on Robitussin, Benedryl and Tylenol.  I finally fell asleep around 2 am this morning and actually got almost 8 hours of sleep last night.  As I write this post, my eyes are beginning to droop again…so more sleep appears to be on the schedule for today.

Tomorrow brings the last morning of talks and posters for this meeting, and I’ve decided that I’m going to try and make it to at least one talk.  But I am so ready to head home to my own bed and Hubby.  The one bright point this week is how well my poster went, so I’m holding on to that experience and hoping that those 2 wonderful hours will make up for a completely busted meeting.


2 thoughts on “Meeting FAIL

  1. Thanks Alyssa! Finally starting to feel human again, after the meeting is over of course. I'm just happy that my poster presentation went very well…and hopefully made the rest of the week worthwhile! 😉

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