It’s come to this.

Weeknight dinners have become very difficult the past month. I normally enjoy preparing a nice meal for Hubby and myself in the evenings. But with my first-trimester exhaustion/nausea and Hubby’s recovery from having his wisdom teeth out, cooking has become much more of a chore.

However, I never thought it would come to this:

Figure 1. The swill that passed for last week’s dinner.

That’s right – last week, after a long day at work and an empty stomach, I resorted to (**gasp**) store-bought pasta sauce. It seems I only had enough energy for pouring something into a pan and heating, while waiting for pasta to boil.  I’m still reeling from this experience, especially since my own homemade pasta sauce is kick-ass.  I did try adding some extra spices to make it more bearable, but it just wasn’t the same. There’s got to be a better solution.



10 thoughts on “It’s come to this.

  1. Preserve your own pasta sauce in a jar? (then you suffer for an afternoon, but are grateful later). Alternately, I fancy up some crushed/diced/otherwise pulverized can tomatoes with herbs and spices (and wine) and cook it a bit and hit it with the stick blender. Usually this becomes sauce in the time it takes to make the pasta. Or, put some olive oil and fresh tomatoes and cheese on the pasta instead of sauce. Or get jar sauce with sugar in it instead of corn syrup and see if you like it better. I am giving away that we eat way too much spaghetti in my house.

  2. I ate nothing but saltines and mashed potatoes for about four months… so I'm no help. Then after that I started liking plain pasta with shredded cheese and olive oil plus salt. I ate that like 4 times a week during my last trimester…

  3. Arlenna, sounds like you had a really rough time with food for quite a while. Pasta and baked potatoes are about the only things I like anymore (bread and saltines now make me a bit nauseous – go figure). The tomato sauce is the one way I've found to sneak some vegetables in; while not the green stuff, I figure it's better than depending on the prenatals alone! I'll have to take Jessica's advice this weekend: make a double batch of sauce and portion it out in the freezer. (I think I might be too lazy to even get the stick blender out – so much for all those fancy kitchen gadgets we registered for our wedding!)

    CPP – I'll check out the Rao's next time I'm in a pinch. I always worry about buying the expensive stuff without a recommendation, since I've gotten stuck with expensive swill before.

    JG – The sauce recipe varies quite a bit each time I make it. But the basics are the same, so maybe I can throw something together…I feel another blog post coming on. 🙂

  4. Grilled cheese sandwiches! Quick, easy, and pretty decent on the stomach (have it with pickles on the side if you're craving salty things).

  5. Alyssa – loved grill cheese and lived off of it for the first few weeks, but I think my dependence on it killed it. 😦

    LM – LOL, I love Spaghettios!!

  6. You mean you can eat things other than saltines?!? I don't think I could do that till week 20…

    That said, the state of my kitchen is sad again now that I have a newborn in hand… Perhaps you should make lots of your (soon to be disclosed, hopefully!) pasta sauce and freeze it Isis style (like the pesto Jason referred to). You will need it again, trust me.

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