Gotta love a good data "fix"!

After months of cloning, I’ve finally been back to doing real science for the past few weeks. And boy has it been wonderful. I’ve already generated a couple of key pieces of data, both of which are going to make fantastic additions to my K resubmission. This new data blows many of the critiques of my former submission out of the water, and I’m betting the new grant is going to be a work of art compared to last year’s junior high science essay. This week’s data is by far the best science news I’ve received in a long time, and I absolutely could not be more thrilled at this moment!

Which brings me to a post by DrDrA this past week, regarding the rush she gets from grant-writing. I have to admit, I’m a grant-writing junkie as well – not the BS administrative details, but the development of an idea and how to test it. Presently, however, the excitement of grant-writing has been trumped by the gathering of this beautiful preliminary data. The whole process of entering values into the computer today and beholding gorgeous graphs and statistics that prove my model – I rarely experience such a thrill! I’ve said it before: the adrenaline rush from a great data set is the drive that keeps me in this business. Moments like today’s are rare, but so damn worth it!


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