Oh, how lucky I am!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Hubby just had his wisdom teeth taken out last week. He’s in his late thirties, so we were expecting this process to be a bit rough. Or at least I was, considering how icky it was having mine out at age 19. It’s hit us a bit harder than we expected, though, and, for Hubby, the recovery time is becoming more than he can take. He’s frustrated with himself for not getting better quicker, and I can tell he’s feeling badly for the time I’m spending to help him out.

For me, well, let’s just say I never realized how much Hubby does around here. I’ve always considered myself the domestic type – I like cooking, keeping a well-kept home, even quilting and scrap-booking from time to time. After we moved in together, Hubby took on a lot of the household chores, but I had no idea how much he was doing. Not until this past weekend, that is, which was packed full of laundry, cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, taking out the trash, paying bills, and other odds-and-ends. It was exhausting, and this whole experience has made me realize what a lucky girl I am! A wonderful husband who really carries the load around the house…I’ve become so spoiled, and I know I couldn’t keep up with it all on my own anymore. What would I do without him?

I’m sure Hubby would appreciate me remembering this the next time I find the toilet seat up…


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