Wisdom teeth

I still remember how much **fun** it was to have my wisdom teeth out 15 years ago. Actually, “remember” is a strong word – it was more like a foggy, Vicodin-induced haze of sleeping and watching movies. Watching Hubby go through it now is, well, a bit more interesting…especially since he wanted nothing more than to talk the whole way home, and even thought pushing on his numbed face was a good (and funny) idea. That anesthesia is some good stuff! Everything has gone fine so far, though – the surgery went well, the bleeding has slowed considerably, and Hubby even got some Jello pudding down with his Percocet a short while ago. I’m hoping it continues to be a smooth ride. For now, I’m holed up in the living room working on my grant while Hubby watches movies in bed. Rough life we’re leading!


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