Air and K grant resubmission plan

So things are finally slowing down a bit in my world, thanks to my stepping away from several outside-of-the-lab commitments. With new stuff going on (which I can’t talk about just yet), I was beginning to be stretched way too thin. I’m now experiencing a bit of guilt from this step-back, but this feeling is overshadowed by relief and the new found quietude in my life. In fact, I’ve managed to find a couple of spare minutes during my day to write a quick update on the preparation of my K grant resubmission:

  • I’ve finished making most of the clones/mutants that I need for preliminary/progress report experiments (some of which were specifically asked for by my reviewers), and I’ll be spending the remainder of this month belting out preliminary data for the grant.
  • I’ve re-written the career development portion of my K grant, which probably took the biggest hit in the reviews (surprisingly not the science), and will be sending that out to multiple readers by the end of the week.
  • I’ve also (somehow) gotten the grant down to just under 12 pages, including the career development portion, for the new page limit guidelines. In May, once I’ve finished my preliminary experiments, I’ll get to balance the addition of new preliminary data with the elimination of research plan “stuff”. I’m crossing my fingers that these tasks will be complementary!!
  • The entire grant will go out for editing in the middle of May, just in time for Big Meeting, which requires poster preparation. I’m sure I’ll be working on grant edits while I’m at Big Meeting, but I’m also planning to get in some good job search networking. It’ll be a busy Big Meeting!
  • With the K grant deadline on June 12, the final push will come right after Big Meeting. A couple of my favorite grant editors (the ones that make the most red marks) are local, so I’m hoping for one last round of shredding before the final grant goes out.

So that’s the plan. I’m feeling a bit rushed, but I think I can pull it off. If all else fails, I can hold off until the October due date (my last opportunity to apply for this grant because of eligibility requirements). I’d really prefer to get this done sooner than later, though, in the hopes that a good score might help with the next round of my job search. And my PO thinks that waiting until October would be a bad idea. So…I’m holding onto this goal as long as I can. Wish me luck!


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