Are you kidding me?

The aftermath of passing HCR has gotten out of control. I can understand if people don’t like this bill, if they think it’s too expensive and it won’t fix the problem. But in what world is this okay? Nobody should ever have to deal with death threats for helping push through a policy that they truly believe is a good thing. This is just wrong, and evil.

The most amazing part of all this – Republican congressmen are saying they didn’t start this. But when they yell things like “baby killer!” at an anti-abortion Democrat, what do they expect to happen? Come on guys – you lit the fire by making outrageous claims about baby death panels. You saw what happened to the Wichita doctor while in worship at his church. You gave ammunition to those who were ready to use it. You knew better – don’t say you didn’t know this would happen.


What say you...

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