Musings on health care reform

As I sit here watching what is potentially a historic vote on health care, I can’t help but wonder about the arguments against The Social Security Act made by the Conservative Coalition nearly 75 years ago, in the same room even. This bill will cost too much and do too little. Americans will become dependent upon the government instead of striving to make the best of themselves.

The same claims were made in response to The Social Security Amendments initiating Medicare and Medicaid, passed in 1965 and signed by LBJ (a Texan I might remind everyone). Yet Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid have become mainstays in our society and, today, represent our willingness as Americans to take care of our least. Interestingly enough to my husband and me, the diversion of funds from Medicare has been one of the top Republican arguments against health care reform.

I know this bill isn’t perfect, and it never was going to be. It’s the best we can get in a democratic society where special interests get to speak with money (a special shout out to John Roberts and the Supreme Court for allowing that tradition to continue). But it will help people who are in desperate need. We all know that’s true, even Republicans.

Is it a bad time? Hell yeah! But when is a good time? When things are gong well, we forget about those that have fallen behind. And when times are bad, we tend run and hide, holding our belongings tightly in fear. Things aren’t easy for hubby and I, but we will gladly give up some of our money each year to make sure that others who are in real need can do something as simple as go to a doctor, get a physical, or, for God’s sake, survive a disease they did not ask for. It is our duty as Americans, as Christians, as human beings. A government-run system -administered option is a bit scary, even for us left-leaning Democrats; and it won’t be perfect. But “we achieve more together than one of us could ever accomplish alone.” [James C. Howell, The Will of God]

That’s it for now, except for a congratulations to Democrats for finally growing a pair.


2 thoughts on “Musings on health care reform

  1. Shouldn't have written “government-run system”, but for those who choose that option, they'll be choosing a government-run option…

    This is what I get when I write a post too quickly. 😉

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