Ah, the joys of home improvement

Hubby and I have been remodeling our condo since, well, before it was even “my” condo, and we’ve run into just about every issue one could imagine. While gutting the bathroom, the valve for the main water line to the condo broke off, and then-boyfriend had to hire a plumber to shut off the water to the rest of the building (fun HOA conversation) and fix it. Another fond memory: the miter-cut pre-fabricated Formica counter tops we purchased for the kitchen last year were warped and didn’t fit together properly, and we nearly destroyed the first set before giving in and purchasing a new set (driving to and from the hardware store with hubby holding onto the 10-foot Formica pieces hanging out of the back of the Subaru, twice, was loads of fun). And I’ll let you use your imagination for the ceiling- and wall-painting fiasco that took place in the kitchen/living room, which has an incredibly steep 14-foot vaulted ceiling and open storage loft.

It’s been a long, hard road, and has challenged our relationship at times. We’ve broken power tools and router bits, spent loads of money (haven’t we stimulated the economy enough on our own?), argued some of our worst fights, and nearly lost our sanity, all in an effort to (hopefully) sell our condo without losing our shirts in this dreadful housing market. But we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. While cooking dinner last night, after hubby had finished installing the counter tops, we looked around and patted ourselves on the back for how much we’ve gotten done:

1. completely gutted and re-modeled bathroom (new cement board, plumbing, tile, vanity, toilet, the whole 9 yards)
2. painted walls and ceiling (the spray painter was so much fun)
3. re-textured nasty popcorn ceiling
4. installed window treatments throughout the condo
5. purchased new AC and furnace
6. refinished kitchen cabinets and added hardware
7. purchased new kitchen appliances
8. replaced/covered kitchen counter tops
9. replaced kitchen sink and disposal

Then we went over what we have left to do:

1. sand, prime, and paint doors and clean the hardware
2. tile kitchen floor and back splash
3. install ceiling fan in living room/kitchen
4. replace carpet

While there’s plenty left to do, the second list pales in comparison to what has already been done. And as the list shrinks, so does our stress level. Hubby has taken so much on, and the results are beautiful. The misadventures have brought us closer together and undoubtedly strengthened our marriage.

And I’m sure we’ll look back on this whole experience with affection, many, many years from now.


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