Finally caught up

For the past two months, I’ve helplessly watched my desk (and therefore my lab life) evolve into a disaster zone. I’ve taken a few stabs at tidying up, especially when the mess (and I) were nearing the breaking point. But the various assignments to which I’ve committed myself over the past few months have destroyed my time and will to organize. Today, however, order was restored. My to-do list is significantly shorter, and sanity is slowly returning. Accomplishments for the day:

1. Paper is resubmitted…and now accepted!!
2. The growing piles of articles around my desk have been filed away.
3. My lab notebooks are (almost) completely updated.
4. Jury duty is out of my hair.
5. Postdoc association duties for the week have been tended to.
6. I’ve finally finished constructing two very important clones, both of which I’ll need for the conferences I’m presenting at this summer.
7. Research goals for the coming months have been mapped out.

I’m starting to feel my head peeking just a bit above water. So I’m taking a nice deep breath – before the next flood rushes in.


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