Life is Good

Today’s a good day because:

1. The sun is shining, and I’m packing my bag for running at work (I generally avoid the chilly weather because of my asthma).

2. I’m finally starting to see results of my workout routine on the scale and during my runs (one of the benefits of not being pregnant yet).

3. I’ve found a new layout for my blog that I’m excited about (hope PhysioProf doesn’t mind the dark background sidebar).

4. Hubby’s latest manuscript finally got submitted, so he’s in a fabulous mood.

5. My research is moving in the right direction.

6. I’m ever-so-closer to getting my latest paper published.

7. I have a new job application out, the prospect of which I’m (surprisingly) very excited about.

8. I’ve found out through my “network” that the interviewing pool for some of the jobs I’ve applied to is very comparable to myself. (Yes, it really does feel good finding out I’m on level with the competition.)

So, life is good right now! Sort of makes me wonder when the other shoe will drop…I do have a jury summons for Monday morning. Have I really become this much of pessimist? Nah, I’m sure jury duty would be lots of fun (how well am I hiding my sarcasm?)


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