Continuity and Change

So I’m still somewhat new to the blogging world and am so excited to find out about blog carnivals!! The theme for this month’s Scientiae Carnival, graciously hosted by Amanda at A Lady Scientist, is continuity, a seemingly difficult topic for many scientists, whose lives feel quite tumultuous and nomadic at times.

The one thing I’ve found quite continuous in my career is change. I can be assured that what I’ll be doing today is different from what I’ll be doing a month or two from now. I also know that who I’m working with – my labmates, colleagues, etc – will change. And I am hopeful that, while it’s just awful right now, the funding levels will eventually cycle back to a more bearable levels (fingers crossed!). In this spirit, I submitted this post, published a few weeks ago about the changes we all experience as scientists. Go check it out, and all the other posts at the Carnival on March 1!


2 thoughts on “Continuity and Change

  1. I stumbled on your blog from Dr Isis' blog. Love your bio. I'm also a scientist and Christian – actually am writing a book about making peace between evolution & Christianity and totally agree with what you wrote in your bio! Right on!

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