Organization Day

I’ve always been a really organized person, and this trait, perhaps inevitably, has permeated my lab life. I’m a huge fan of color-coordinated labels and dividers, papers systematically filed away, updated lab notebooks, indexed experiments and freezer boxes…the whole nine yards. [I’ve always thought that, if the research thing didn’t work out, I could initiate a career as a personal organizer for scientists.]

But even for the most organized of individuals, the “System” can and will go awry. As of this morning, I have officially reached my tolerance level for paper piles and non-updated notebooks. I have five separate cloning projects underway, and I need to begin planning actual experiments for some of these buggers. Instead, I feel scattered and lost, and I absolutely cannot move forward on anything until my desk (and life) is put back in order. In other words, my lab world has officially stopped turning. Maybe it’s a weakness to be at the mercy of this obsession, but my brain just cannot function when things get this ugly. Thus, I am declaring today an “Organization Day”.

So now I’m in my happy place, playing with folders and labels and pretty colored tabs – an organizational freak’s heaven. By the end of the day I should have a plan, a beautifully arranged desk, and some peace. And then life can move on.


3 thoughts on “Organization Day

  1. I love organization days!!! They're the best, and I justify them because I'm always super productive for at least the following week!

    Hope it went well!

  2. I will confess to be addicted to those little tab page dividers for my lab notebooks. It is satisfying to see all the projects with their own labels.. plus makes it so easy to find what you are looking for. I love them!

  3. Update: My Organization Day was interrupted when I received a huge data set, for which I've been waiting almost a month, via email. I'm so excited!! The downside of tons of data – it's going to take days to finish the analysis. So the bench is really shut down now for Massive Data Organization Week…I'm sure I'll need a new notebook and some pretty tabs for this new data! 🙂

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