Sabbatical planning already???

So evidently, according to Dan Albert over at Science Careers Blog, you’re now supposed to start thinking about sabbatical the moment you start getting recruited.

Really??? Something else I need to think about if I’m lucky enough to get a second interview? Like a research and funding plan, setting up a new laboratory, getting ready to teach, adjusting to the idea of meetings, and all the other fun stuff (according to PLS) that comes with a new TT faculty position wasn’t enough already? I really think I’ll have enough on my plate that first year. But sure, add something else on.

But seriously, I’m curious what others think. I’ve heard of profs going on sabbatical toward the latter half of their career, but 5-10 years in? Please, share your experiences…


2 thoughts on “Sabbatical planning already???

  1. Here in the UK at a not-R1-type university we can apply for sabbatical every eighth semester, so if you are research-active you will typically have a study leave semester once every 4-5 years. I'm not in the US system… but I've certainly read about/known people who got a study leave before tenure. My advice would be not to think about it until it's only a couple of years away, but I'm not in the US… maybe your system is more predictable?

  2. I'm really not sure. According to the article, policies vary quite a bit depending on where you're at, which is why the writer suggests asking questions while you're in the hiring/negotiating process. I have heard small colleges allow and even encourage sabbatical after tenure. As far as medical and R1 schools go, I have no idea.

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