Sleepless night

So I’m feeling much better today, in spite of the fact that I didn’t sleep well at all last night. Not because I was stuffy or coughing or anything related to being sick. No, it was because I had the following things cycling through my mind all night:

1. Any day now, I should be getting my K grant score – I’ve been checking eRA Commons 5 times a day.

2. I should be hearing about my paper re-submission sometime this week or early next week.

3. I’m waiting for data from a big experiment that should set the stage for my future research.

4. My husband and I will be finding out pretty soon if we got pregnant this month.

5. I’m planning a social for our PDA and have to get a venue booked this week.

6. I’m still waiting to hear about jobs (6 apps out there still).

7. I missed choir practice last night (oh yeah – my hubby and I sing in our church choir…more on that later), and I’m worried that I don’t know the song we’re singing Sunday morning.

8. I still don’t know what I’m committing to for Lent…been thinking about #’s 1 through 6 too much.

So, I’m back to feeling overwhelmed right now and trying to take deep breaths. I’ve actually found I’m distracting myself from some of the above points by thinking about others…I believe that’s the pinnacle of obsessive behavior. Funny thing is, except for a couple of things, absolutely nothing can be done at this point but worry. The solution (for now) – obsess over the things I can do something about. So, for today, I’ll book the venue for our social and think and pray about Lent. Oh, and hopefully get some work done in the lab…


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