Voice going, going…

…and it’s gone. I’ve been fighting off this stupid head cold for several days now, scarfing down zinc and vitamin C lozenges. But I’m finally losing the battle. My throat hurts and my asthma is acting up, and I’m quickly turning into a hacking, snotty mess…whah!

The bigger frustration is the conspicuous source of this head cold…a coworker that bravely “toughed” his cold out in the lab last week. **grrr** As much as I understand the urge to continue working, even when you’re not feeling optimal, you cross a line when you come into work hacking all over everything and everyone. If the cough syrup isn’t working, then wear a mask or just GO HOME! I assure you – somebody else in the lab can take care of those cultures or your sequencing – we’re a pretty helpful bunch. And I’m fairly certain our boss would prefer one person take a day off to get some rest rather than getting everyone else in the lab sick. So why take out your nasty bug on everyone else?

Well count me out…my asthma makes me too “weak” to “tough this out” at the lab. No rubbing dirt on it and getting back in the game today. Besides, I’m pretty sure some minimal lung function is required for doing bench work. On the bright side, I think the cough syrup is helping to churn the creative writing juices. So now I’m home hacking on the couch, working on my next paper, with Dr. Oz (who the heck is this guy?) on in the background. Bleh…


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