Happy Valentine’s Day!

So I’m enjoying a nice Valentine’s morning with my husband – him reading his Sunday NY Times and I cruising the internet and blogging. We’ve already exchanged our gifts (homemade Valentines, a crafty little coffee mug for him, and a miniature plant greenhouse for me). We just made it through Christmas and our first anniversary, so this will be a fairly laid-back “holiday”. But I’m taking the day off completely so we can spend an entire day together, something we don’t often have a chance to do with my work. Maybe we’ll enjoy a movie or two, and stay warm by a fire while it’s snowing outside. Should be a nice and relaxing day…

I hope everyone else finds some time today to spend with someone they care about – family, friends, whoever. Life’s too short to get lost in work/yourself and forget about those we love. What’s the saying?…Nobody on their deathbed ever says “I wish I had spent more time working.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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