Geaux Saints!!

Picture from Huffington Post

So this was just too damn cute, and I just had to comment. I know there’s plenty to talk about with this year’s Super Bowl. The obvious comeback from Katrina, the throwback to Archie Manning’s time with the Saints in the 60-70s, Mardis Gras, which has already started. Plus, I lived in Louisiana for several years as a kid. So it’s been so easy to cheer for N’Awlens this year, and I’m soooo excited for Saints fans tonight!!

And yet, for me, it has all boiled down to this little scene – Drew Brees and his son after the game. I’m sure the ear muffs were for noise control, but I can’t help but imagining all the things little Brees could be listening too. Maybe some Bob the Builder audio, or a replay of The Who’s halftime show; maybe even a bit of football diatribe. No matter what, all I can say is “ahhhhhhhhh”, this is what parenthood is all about – finding the ordinary in the extraordinary (or vice versa – and I think my husband is just as melted by these pics as I have been!) If you want to see something to make your uterus ache (or whatever happens to a guy), check out this website!

And, oh yeah, GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!


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