No news

So my head is officially about to explode. I have 7 unanswered job applications out there for faculty positions, some since September/October, and I’ve heard nothing – nothing I say! Well, except for a couple of back-and-forths with EEO forms. But other than that, I feel so in the dark! I thought interviews would be happening by now, and that I would have my friendly rejection letters in hand. That’s all I want…closure.

Okay, so I’d really like an interview, and, you know, a second interview and (gulp) an offer? But really, I’d be ecstatic with just an interview. I have all next year to go through this again, likely at a more competitive level and (hopefully) with more jobs available from an improving market. Instead, I’m left sitting on pins and needles. Grrr!!

Okay, rant done, head clear, back to work…


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