Waiting game

So it’s been awhile, but for good reason. I’ve been writing up a K grant proposal, which is due in a few weeks, and I’m currently waiting for the second round of edits. I’ve also written a paper that’s just about ready to submit, and I’m now waiting for edits from the boss on that. While waiting on paper and grant edits, I decided to start up experiments for the week; but now I have to wait on strains to grow. Waiting, waiting, waiting… I haven’t had time for the internet in months, then found myself on LinkedIn while at work today, justifying that it was at least somewhat work-related. When did this happen? Time was moving by so quickly, and I couldn’t seem to get anything done…now all I have is time. I’m not sure I can adjust to this madness! ***Sigh*** Oh well, nothing to do but appreciate this rarity and take full advantage…catch up on Facebook and blogging, talk to my husband, clean the house, and maybe even get home in time to cook dinner a couple of nights this week!


What say you...

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