Black magic…or science

So I’ve been pondering the sudden understanding of my research problem as of a week ago (refer to April 6 post), and I just can’t stop being amazed by science. I’ve taken the courses, read the text books, done so much to understand the molecular mechanism of what is going on inside these little bugs I study. Yet it still seems like Black Magic every time I think about how it all fits together. Is it because I can’t see it with my own eyes? Probably. But each time I manipulate the DNA of these buggers and see the visible result (i.e. the phenotype in science speak), I can’t help but be blown away. What a wonderful job to have…to be so amazed by the mundane little tasks I do on a day-to-day basis!

So it’s Good Friday, and I’ll be at church on Sunday considering the grand gift of love I celebrate this time of year as a Christian. And it’s very possible I’ll be thinking on another subject as well while sitting in the choir loft…the wonderful opportunity I’ve been given to be able to peer into a tiny piece of His creation. What a blessed life!

Have a Happy Easter!!


One thought on “Black magic…or science

  1. Welcome to the blogging world!

    Like you, I’m always amazed by the things microbes do. What always gets me is that something as small as 0.1 ul of say, an enzyme, can actually produce visual results.

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