Funny how things work out…

So I was inspired by my lab-mate and fellow blogger to get on the ball and write my second post. The topic?…how things can one minute seem confusing, overwhelming, tiring, and damn-near impossible, and then suddenly fall into place the next.

Example: For the past 3 months since my wedding, I’ve been desperately trying to figure out what was starting to seem like an impossible project in the lab. Actually, not 3 months – how about 3 years. Since I’ve been at this job, my favorite research project has proved increasingly frustrating, and the scientific “truth” I was looking for remained elusive. None of my data fit together, and every experiment I did contradicted the one before. The project (and I) were floundering with no real plan, and I had no idea what the, ahem, heck was going on!

And then Friday night. I was going over yet another piece of confounding data with a fellow researcher down the hall, and then…EUREKA!!! It all fell into place. Suddenly I could see it, what I had been missing for years, that the data all DID fit together. And it had been there the whole time, right in front of me. I just couldn’t see it until then (possibly due to scientific tunnel vision – happens to the best of us, or so I’m told). Every scientist longs for those eureka moments, when the stars align and, if for only the briefest second…clarity. But those moments are oh so far and few between. All you can do as a researcher is keep plodding along until you stumble across that next “Aha”. Enjoy it for a few minutes, re-set your compass, and continue on your scientific journey.

I guess that’s how life is, too. We’re really not supposed to understand it all the time, just live it as best we can. Enjoy the “Aha” moments and struggle through the trying times. And have faith that it will, eventually, all work itself out; just not maybe the way we expected…


One thought on “Funny how things work out…

  1. I get so damn antsy for those “Aha’s!” If I don’t get them on occasion I start feeling like I am doing something wrong…maybe I’m not working hard enough…maybe I am not processing the information correctly….maybe I need to read this stack of papers…and in the end I am still stumped.Sigh. I think the moral of the story is that I just need to relax…take a deep breath…and realize that EUREKA’S are just plain few and far between.Thanks…AND CONGRATS on your recent discovery lady!! Very happy for you!!

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